Pink Flamingo is launching all new show this Mother’s Day!

Forget flowers and also breakfast, the Pink Flamingo Spiegelclub is commemorating Mother’s Day by releasing a new late evening experience! Slay will hit the stage every Sunday evening, beginning this Sunday 9th May from 830pm.

Discovering a brand-new world of gender expression, Slay will certainly combine fierce guys and killer heels.


Like every one of the programs we’ve concerned like at the Pink Flamingo, Slay will feature a lot of glimmering costumes, sinful dance steps as well as pumping beats.

Anxiety not Flamboyance fans, this horrendous show featuring a fusion of drag, cabaret as well as burlesque has not been provided the boot from Sunday evenings! Rather, it will certainly transfer to a slightly earlier time of 5pm to make way for the additional home entertainment.

Obtain a preview of Flamboyance in the video clip listed below:

So strap on your dancing shoes and get set for Sunday nights to blow up at

the Pink Flamingo. Tickets start at $45 per person for Flamboyance, $35 for Slay, or $65 for both programs. For more details, visit: