SEE: Police pull over car after ‘leg’ seen protruding from boot

A male has been copped hundreds of dollars in penalties after being pulled over by Police who found a ‘leg’ protruding from the boot of his vehicle.

Policemans found the male at Slacks Creek on April 26 after records a person was ‘caught’ in a Ford Falcon.

Authorities drew the automobile over and thankfully, quickly uncovered the ‘leg’ actually belonged to a mannequin.


The driver wasn’t getting off that very easy.

An examination of the vehicle found countless defects including three bald tires and also missing out on wheel nuts.

Image: Queensland Police The car’s number plate was also being

blocked by cords holding the mannequin’s leg. The 37-year-old male was provided with numerous penalties worth $900.

VIEW: Police draw over cars and truck after ‘leg’ seen sticking out from boot