Enjoying DreamWorld and the Gold Coast on Your Vacation

Dreamworld is an amusement park and zoo located on the beautiful Gold Coast in Queensland. It is also Australia’s largest theme park with more than 40 rides and attractions. Dreamworld runs on two theme parks, namely, Dreamworld Magic Mountain and Dreamworld of Adventure. The park features many theme rides such as roller coasters, tunnels, and other thrilling rides.

dreamworld Gold Coast


Another attraction at the Dreamworld Gold Coast are the Dali Life Forms Museum. Here you can see hand-made machines from around the world such as a reproduction of the Mona Lisa that comes complete with a working engine. Also available are four-legged life-size creatures. There are also dinosaur replicas along with constructors that recreate prehistoric creatures. This museum is open to the public from Tuesday to Sunday.


Dali’s Dream Museum is an exciting attraction for kids. It allows children to interact with hand-made models made by the famous artist, as well as enjoy hands-on activities such as painting and sculpture. Also available are videos, prints, and limited editions of artwork by Dali.


The Gold Coast’s most popular beach is undoubtedly the Gold Coast Highway, which passes through the coastal region between The Spit and The Stradbroke islands. At Surfers Paradise, there is a wide range of family attractions including karting, biking, beach volleyball, and water slides. For more fun along the Gold Coast’s famous stretch of Pacific Ocean, look for adventures along the popular Pacific Highway, which goes through several towns before reaching the popular beach.


In addition to being a popular Gold Coast attraction, Surfers Paradise also offers a variety of entertainment options. Among them are live bands at various beach bars as well as comedy shows at the nearby Gold Coast Convention and Entertainment Centre. You can also visit Ripley’s Believe It or Not museum, a fake version of the famed science fiction writer’s home. For a more cultural experience, you should visit the Ripley’s Believe It Or Not Waterfront, where you will be able to view a re-enactment of the sinking of the original ship” Titanic” in the ocean. Other museums located near Surfers Paradise include the Queensland Art Gallery and the Queensland Cultural Centre.


If you want to get away from the hustle and bustle of the main Gold Coast beaches, you should consider visiting Dreamworld, one of the best theme parks in Australia. Consisting of seven themed areas, Dreamworld offers great entertainment for both children and adults. Located in the northern part of the Gold Coast, Dreamworld is similar to Disneyland in many ways, but instead of taking you on a thrilling ride through the themed sections, it takes you on a journey through the Land of the Dead. At each site, you will meet ghouls, skeletons, and other creatures that seem to appear out of the ocean.


Another great attraction located at the Gold Coast are the Dreamworld Rollercoasters. This theme park promises extreme fun with its thrilling rollercoaster. One of the most popular roller coasters is The Ride, which takes riders on a journey through the town of Springfield. This attraction also includes three theme parks located in its premises: Kustomsville, Fun Zone, and the Big Top Ride. Other attractions located at the Dreamworld include the Vampire Squid attraction, where you can dangle under the sea with your mates and have a vampire dinner.


Another great way to travel on the Gold Coast is by taking a train. The Metrolink ferries between Surfers Paradise and Brisbane, offering scenic routes along the way. The city has one of the best rail systems in the world. The Metrolink’s coastal route takes you past lush rainforests and down to the south coast, where the beaches are just as diverse as they are famous. There are two major train stations on the Gold Coast, allowing travelers to hop onto any train that passes through, making traveling on the Gold Coast easy and convenient.

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