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Family Tour Through The Springbrook National Park Gold Coast Australia

Twin Falls Circuit

The best attraction of the Springbrook national is the vast range of waterfalls. You will love your visit to Twin Falls circuit from the Tallanbana-Picnic spot. You can take a guided tour through the dense forest until you reach the waterfalls. The distance of four kilometres is filled with all types of flora and bird-species from different parts of Australia. Bird-watching is one of the main attractions for your family.

Hiking along the trail takes you through the forest areas which contain prehistoric time trees. Some of the pink-bark trees are more than 1500 years old. The hilly areas within the circuit have plenty of exciting viewpoints where you can photograph the splendour of nature.

Car Travel

The guided car-travel takes you through the villages of Springbrook. The most interesting among them are the volcano villages. There is a prehistoric volcanic hill which was formed around 23 million years ago. The guide can take you to its top safely and bring you back. It takes about an hour.

Chillingham village is within the 30 minutes drive through the national park highway. Traditional houses with classical architecture greet you on your arrival here. The village store is always busy with visiting tourists. Here, you can come across plenty of cargo trucks from the early 20th century. The people and their lifestyle also seem to be frozen in time to the 1920s and 1930s. If you want to take a break from busy modern life and let the time slow down, it is the best place to visit with your family.

Picnic Spots

Springbrook is filled with hundreds of picnic spots that are close to the waterfalls and the flowing Nerang River. Crystal clear sweet water with plenty of space for swimming is the best experience you can enjoy.

You can cook your food and rest in the sheltered camps. There are plenty of tables for dining with your families with options for wood and electric cooking. Hygienic toilets and accessibility to wheelchairs make it possible for everyone in your family to get the best experience.

Arts and Crafts Shops

You can buy the best souvenirs and gifts for your dear ones while on the way back from the Springbrook National Park. You can find plenty of arts and artefact items created by the local people. Pendants, necklaces, rings, and other jewellery are the most attractive products you can find here.

If you wish to find the best place for the aboriginal arts, it is the right place. You will find the price to be highly affordable for the artistic and heritage values they possess.

Spectacular Night Views

Deep within the Springbrook at 2337 Springbrook-Road, you can find an old observatory. Nights are the best times to watch the star-studded clear skies.


Hotels, cottages, and guesthouses are the most affordable places to stay within the Springbrook National Park. Here, you can experience home cooked authentic Gold Coast cuisines from veggies to the river fish and fresh meat.

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