Experience the Incredible Gold Coast Nightlife

Dance Bars

You will have the most exciting and awesome platforms to express your passion for music and dance in Gold Coast City dance bars. The nightclubs like Sin-City, Platinum, and elsewhere have the best bars and exclusive dance zones. You should be an adult to visit these dance bars. You can enjoy the best quality cocktails, and spend your time dancing to the great musical tunes. There are many special events organized on specific dates. Weekends are the biggest gala times here, with lots of tourists pouring in from other parts of Australia and the rest of the world.

DJ-Music:  The most famous DJs from the Gold Coast will be here during the special occasions to celebrate with you. Reserving the entries in advance can ensure the chance to enjoy the long-lasting nights in the dance bars. You will also have to chance to choose your favourite music to be played during the DJ sessions.

Dance-Partners: Choosing the best dance partner who can match with your steps and movements could be a challenging task on the dance floors. The dance clubs on the Gold Coast offer you the unique options to choose your partners with no strings attached. You can have the best time of your life for as many nights as you desire.

Night Sea Cruising

The night sea cruising is an exciting option if you are adventurous. You may choose between cruising boats for the two of you, friends or groups. You could also opt for the shared cruises to reduce your boat hiring expenses and getting the maximum excitement.

Bar: The Pop-up bar offers you plenty of beer, champagne, wine and cocktails. You can get to taste the native craft-beers on the go while partying. The bars are compact and offer plenty of privacy. Of course, there are also group bars onboard the larger cruisers.

Cuisines: Night cruises offer you the freshest kinds of seafood right from the deep waters onto the grills and ovens. The Gold Coast Sea is filled with all kinds of species which make a thrilling combination of kinds of seafood.  You can also find veggies, meat, and pork recipes from all over the world.

Decks:  You may choose to party on the open decks or the closed lower decks, depending on your preference and space availability. Live music sessions with plenty of entertainment are the assured features of every night cruise.  

Night Tours

Most parts of the Gold Coast don’t sleep during nights. The lantern ghost tour is among the most popular options here. They take you to the best nightlife spots which you will love to experience. At the same time, these tours can also take you through the scariest places like the cemeteries. There is a lady with a lantern in her hand, guiding you through the cemetery areas. Some of the tours take you through the oldest cemeteries from the 18th century. You could choose them if you are brave enough. Of course, it will be in groups and guided by the person who knows the history of Australia and those who are resting in peace.

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Family Tour Through The Springbrook National Park Gold Coast Australia

Twin Falls Circuit

The best attraction of the Springbrook national is the vast range of waterfalls. You will love your visit to Twin Falls circuit from the Tallanbana-Picnic spot. You can take a guided tour through the dense forest until you reach the waterfalls. The distance of four kilometres is filled with all types of flora and bird-species from different parts of Australia. Bird-watching is one of the main attractions for your family.

Hiking along the trail takes you through the forest areas which contain prehistoric time trees. Some of the pink-bark trees are more than 1500 years old. The hilly areas within the circuit have plenty of exciting viewpoints where you can photograph the splendour of nature.

Car Travel

The guided car-travel takes you through the villages of Springbrook. The most interesting among them are the volcano villages. There is a prehistoric volcanic hill which was formed around 23 million years ago. The guide can take you to its top safely and bring you back. It takes about an hour.

Chillingham village is within the 30 minutes drive through the national park highway. Traditional houses with classical architecture greet you on your arrival here. The village store is always busy with visiting tourists. Here, you can come across plenty of cargo trucks from the early 20th century. The people and their lifestyle also seem to be frozen in time to the 1920s and 1930s. If you want to take a break from busy modern life and let the time slow down, it is the best place to visit with your family.

Picnic Spots

Springbrook is filled with hundreds of picnic spots that are close to the waterfalls and the flowing Nerang River. Crystal clear sweet water with plenty of space for swimming is the best experience you can enjoy.

You can cook your food and rest in the sheltered camps. There are plenty of tables for dining with your families with options for wood and electric cooking. Hygienic toilets and accessibility to wheelchairs make it possible for everyone in your family to get the best experience.

Arts and Crafts Shops

You can buy the best souvenirs and gifts for your dear ones while on the way back from the Springbrook National Park. You can find plenty of arts and artefact items created by the local people. Pendants, necklaces, rings, and other jewellery are the most attractive products you can find here.

If you wish to find the best place for the aboriginal arts, it is the right place. You will find the price to be highly affordable for the artistic and heritage values they possess.

Spectacular Night Views

Deep within the Springbrook at 2337 Springbrook-Road, you can find an old observatory. Nights are the best times to watch the star-studded clear skies.


Hotels, cottages, and guesthouses are the most affordable places to stay within the Springbrook National Park. Here, you can experience home cooked authentic Gold Coast cuisines from veggies to the river fish and fresh meat.

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Top Things to Do in Gold Coast Australia

Surfers’ Paradise

The top things to do in Gold Coast Australia start with the sea surfing along the long beaches. The surfers’ paradise is the most famous among them. It is located very close to the infinity Attraction and the Sky-Point at the Transit Centre 10 Beach Road. It is the best place to go on guided sea-surfing, boat-cruises, and Jet-Boat travels.

Sports: Kayaking, motorcycle tours, hall of fame sporting, paddle boating, and backpack hiking are some of the most interesting sporting options available on the Surfers’ paradise.

Foodies: The place has a wide range of family restaurants, pubs and bars, cafes, and specialty restaurants for veggies, seafood lovers, and intercontinental foodies. Like food options in the coast locals also have wide range of choices for their Plumbing Services In Sunshine Coast needs most especially in emergency cases. 

Accommodation: The paradise is equally good for the economical backpack tourists and the most luxurious resorts and holiday rentals. Of course, you can also find mid-range apartments that are fully furnished for weekly rentals. BBQ, pool, cinema room, and WiFi are available in all types of accommodations. The luxurious resorts offer kids clubs, water-parks, theme restaurants and pubs, and spacious furnished rooms. Apartments offer economical long-term stay facilities if you plan to be here for a few weeks.

Power Walks

Power walks along the beaches and the walking-networks give you an insight into the life of the Gold Coast people. You can come across many walking groups for learning about the social life, culture, and the arts of the modern Gold Coast communities. You can also go on a walking tour through the Gold Coast City with your family. Preferred timings are early in the morning and late in the evenings up to midnight.

Guided Tours

Hop-On-Off bus tours are very famous in the Gold Coast. You may opt for one-day or three-day tours, depending on your schedule. You can also find Aqua-Duck Safaris that are best for the land and river tours within the Gold Coast. You can visit all the tourist attractions within a short span of time. You can find many trusted operators, who offer foods, beverages, and complementary gits while you travel with them.

Sea World

Sea World is one of the best theme parks on the Gold Coast. You can find many family rides like the storm-coaster, carousel, beach-ball, roller-coaster, battle-boats, and plenty of others. They are absolutely adventurous and perfectly safe for your children.

You can enjoy plenty of shows within the Sea World like the dolphin, stunts, jet-ski, and cartoons based themes. These shows are highly attractive and entertaining for the kids as well as teens and adults. You can also watch the cultural and music shows from the Aboriginal communities who live on the Gold Coast beaches and villages close to the forest areas.   

Gold Coast Night-Life

The gold Coast night-life is within the dance-bars, pubs, and the beach-side open-air musical concerts. You can also take the guided tours of the nightlife attractions to get a glimpse of the lifestyle. Every moment you spend in here will be worth the experience of your lifetime and memorable for years.

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Gold Coast Attractions for Your Children

Theme Parks

Themes: Roller Coaster rides, bike races, water-sports, Sea-World museums, and multimedia games are some of the main attractions of the theme parks on the coast. Of course, you can also get plenty of delicious dishes and fruit juices to relish. The parks also host the latest children’s movies from around the world in English and plenty of other international languages.

Activities: Spending time with the cartoon characters from the times of Walt-Disney to the authentic Australian cartoon characters like the Wolverine, Felix, and ROCKO is the most entertaining activity for the kids. Besides, there are plenty of other activities like boat ride, interactive games, and painting, etc. Your kids will love to experience the thrills and excitement.

Entertainment: Watching 3-D movies on giant screens is one of the best entertainment options in these theme parks. Many of them are developing the 4-D cinema halls for kids, where they can practically feel the rains, wildlife, waterfalls, and so many other themes they see in the movies.

Sports:  Wall climbing, Go-carting, secret exploration, car-sports, and cable-skiing are some of the most thrilling games you can find for your adolescent kids. Teens can enjoy the adventure ride, knee-boarding, and kayaking within the theme parks. They are absolutely safe and secure without any risks of injury.


Learning: The Gold coast Sea Life is the best place to learn about the marine species in this region. Aquariums are large enough to accommodate sharks and large volumes of fish. Children can take guided tours to explore the details of their origin, foods and habitats, lifestyle, etc.

Discovery:  Aquariums offer a unique chance to discover their own curiosity and interest in marine life. Many of the aquariums have a hologram and 3-D projection technologies. They enhance the visual perception and understanding of the marine species in depth. It is also an exciting experience for the kids to discover the hidden secrets of the underwater landscape and the flora.

Lamington National Park

Location:  It is located in the visible range of Coomera valley. It was established in the year 1915. It is part of the Gondwana rainforests which is filled with evergreen trees and interesting wildlife. You can see the entire range of land and water species in the park’s interiors. There are plenty of options for walking tours, guided car tours, and horse rides.

Camping: The special camping areas in the park allow you to spend a considerable time of your tour in staying and enjoying the wildlife. You can get all the facilities from the best cuisines to toilets and baths, beds, and protection from the elements. There is also plenty of space around the camps for your kids to play with the other campers’ kids.

Tours: The best-suggested practice is to take the guided tour from the starting point to the exit point. It will help in saving your time and visiting the most important spots for your kids to enjoy.

Restaurants: The Park has some of the best restaurants, cafes, and snack centres which offer hygienic and delicious cuisines for your kids.

Credit to the man behind this article a certified arborist at Gold Coast Tree Lopping and a loving father to his children for sharing these attractions that once they’d enjoyed with.

Gold Coast Tree Lopping
1/58 Milbrook Crescent Pimpama 4209
(07) 5646 3714

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Best Cuisines and Cocktails of Gold Coast Australia

Coconut Prawns

Coconut prawns with the mayonnaise curry sauce are one of the most attractive cuisines you find on the Gold Coast. You can find it in almost all the restaurants here. The chefs deep fry the prawns before garnishing them with fresh and tasty coconut. Lime, cucumber, and green pepper chillies are the best add-ons for the garnishing. Taste it with sauce and you can experience heaven on earth.  

Caramel Doughnuts

Gold Coast is famous for the caramel doughnuts that are big, beautiful, tasty and yummy in delight. Your family will love the soft and crispy feelings. You will relish the juices as you bite through the layers. It is the best experience for your taste buds if you happen to be a lover of sweets. Gold Coast is filled with hundreds of doughnut varieties which are often injected with caramel, chocolate, vanilla, strawberry and the other flavours.

Aboriginal Cuisine

Smoked Kangaroo:  it is a special cuisine of the Gold Coast. The other key ingredients are bush tomato, lemon myrtle, orange zest, spices, salt, and rosemary. You may also add puree and garnish the smoked and sliced kangaroo meat with chips. The restaurants on the Gold Coast can also prepare the cuisine in plenty of different ways.

Tomato Scones: It is a veggie made of bush tomato, milk, butter, flour, and baking powder. It is the most favoured dish for the morning breakfast with bread.

Smoked-Fish:  Sea and river fish are the best foods you can get on the Gold Coast beaches and the city zone. Modern restaurants use ovens and electric grills for smoking the fish. Then they add spices and veggies to add as garnishing elements. You can also find them dipped in sauces and puree with deep frying after smoking.

When you enter the villages around the Springbrook national park, you will get to taste the original taste of the Aboriginal cuisine. Smoking on the traditional charcoal grills adds taste and aroma to the fish.

Finger-Lime: The recipe is a combination of finger lime, oyster, spices, and veggies. The best time to taste them is with the cocktails.

Gold Coast Cocktails  

TIKI Punch is one of the most cherished cocktails on the Gold Coast. Though it is originally from Mexico, the local bars have added their own mixing techniques to make it an Australian product of the Gold Coast. You can find apple martini, colada, roulette and the other types of the Gold Coast zone.

The combination of rum, liqueur, beer, and vodka, along with gin makes the most exciting cocktail on the Gold Coast. The bars within the Surfers’ paradise and the Gold Coast City are famous for plenty of other cocktail combinations.

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Timeless Travel Through Yugambeh Museum in Gold Coast Australia

The sound of an eagle over the Logan River at the dawn reminds you of the rich cultural heritage and history of the Yugambeh people.  Split into three distinct clans in the east, west, and the valley, the Yugambeh people are known for their storytelling, music, and unique religion. The centuries-old culture is stated to originate from the story of Jabreen, one of the three brothers who shaped the land and resources for the people.

Yugambeh Museum– Totem Stories

The Yugambeh totems are the protectors of their land, people, crops, cattle, and everything else in around their villages. Logan in the Gold Coast Australia is stated to be the centre of the Yugambeh culture and history. The Yugambeh museum has hundreds of totems, which is said to represent the unique natural force in their culture.

All the animals, plants, and trees were the representations of Yugambeh totems. Every family and individual would be responsible for protecting a totem and caring for its food and shelter. It has been the way in which the natives have preserved natural life for centuries.

Every totem in the Yugambeh museum has a story associated with it. Kangaroo is the most famous among them. The natives can still narrate and sing its stories which make you spellbound. The museum has some of the greatest collections of music and stories for you to experience.

Eagle: For the Yugambeh people, the eagle is the symbol of life within this world and after-life in the sky-world. The head of this totem is always pointing to the skies, which means finding the ultimate meaning of one’s life while in this world and travelling to the sky-world.

Brogla: It is the totem bird of dance. They usually dance in pairs with unique styles of spreading wings, dipping heads, and rhythmic movement of their feet. It appears as though they are dancing to a tune played by an unseen musician.

There are thousands of such totems in the Yugambeh museum, which represent the everyday life of the natives from doing the household chores to the different forms of life, culture, tradition, and the language.

Yugambeh Culture– Music and Dance

Bamboo trumpets, Bull-Roarer, Gum-Leaf, Clap-Sticks, and the Didge are some of the musical instruments of the Yugambeh people. Every musical instrument and song has a purpose in the Yugambeh lifestyle. The original language has hundreds of dialects that are spoken from along the Gold Coast of Australia to the Gulf of Carpentaria.  You can see the unique and bold representations of these music forms in the Yugambeh Museum.

Yugambeh People – Language and Art

The language of Yugambeh is not only through the spoken form, but also the art-works. They represent the everyday rituals from hunting and food gathering to the music, dance, and customs. Their art-works are so versatile, that you can find them on the coffins. The main totem is, of course, the eagle, followed by the others. Your first travel through the Yugambeh museum gives you a timeless experience of their lifestyle and arts.…

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