Kurrawa beach to host Rosé Coast celebration

A wave of rosé lovers are anticipated to clean onto the Gold Coast this May, for celebrations such as ‘rosé roulette’ as well as ‘the covered up white wine’.

It has actually been revealed Kurrawa Beach will play host to an inaugural Rosé Coast festival, on Saturday May 1.

Rosé Coast Co-Producer as well as Creative Director Kristen Francis said the beachfront area is an idyllic venue to drink the day away.


“Everyone entailed has worked hard to place the occasion together, given circumstances over the in 2014, so we’re extremely excited to finally share the information that we will be striking Gold Coast shores this May,” said Kristen.

Rosé Coast will display a massive selection of the most effective rosé from over 20 wine growing areas across Australia, including prosecco, gleaming rosé, rosatos and also frosé.

“These will be enhanced by alternative options such as sparkling, red and gewurztraminer, Brookie’s Byron Gin, Brix Distillers from Sydney, Matso’s Brewery as well as Gage Roads Brew Co. from WA, along with the Wine Selectors Discovery Bar, all matched with a very carefully curated exquisite food offering by Gold Coast legends, In Season Catering.”

Major Events Gold Coast CEO, Jan McCormick, welcomes the exciting new idea.

“As an event which fits our destination so completely, I am thrilled to welcome Rosé Coast Gold Coast to our city,” she claimed.

With an access rate factor of $49, tickets are anticipated to offer swiftly. They will certainly be readily available from Monday 22 February, to subscribers of the Festival.

There will certainly likewise be an alternative to update to the exclusive VIP Beach Club, or for those after an incredibly unique vibe– a really limited number of VIP Beach Cabana tickets will certainly offer a personal room for approximately 10 individuals.

PHOTO: Supplied If you want to do more than sit as well as drink & in the sand, after that you can line up for complimentary’Pinot & Picasso’art classes, coastline volleyball and also badminton on the coastline, or an indulging by endota medical spa Broadbeach.

Plus, rosé trainees will certainly be able to evaluate their abilities at building more than your ordinary sand castle. Sand sculpture musician Dennis Massoud will certainly be running specially created lessons on how to develop something wonderful in the sand.

If you’re tickled pink about all things flush, most likely to rosecoast.com.au

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ENJOY: Meat enthusiasts joy at Sugar Creek Smokehouse

Calling all meat lovers!

Sugar Creek Smokehouse is the current venture by Zarraffa’s Coffee Founder, Kenton Campbell, and also combines a Texas smokehouse with a timeless Aussie barbeque.

The menu features a variety of wood-smoked meats, prepared fresh daily for hrs over a blend of Australian hickory and also iron bark wood.


“We’ve attracted inspiration from what they do best in Texas and also adjusted it to the Australian taste buds with our own trademark marinades, sauces and also massages that have been developed to enhance the smoked flavours and also provide a truly authentic barbeque experience,” Kenton informed myGC.

Get a taste of Sugar Creek Smokehouse in the video clip below:

Some delicious food selection highlights consist of pulled pork threw in a sweet BBQ sauce, juicy beef brisket and sticky BBQ child back ribs offered in a half or complete shelf.

The huge meat plate is excellent for showing to pulled pork, brisket as well as a 1⁄2 rack of ribs, in addition to 4 signature hamburgers.

Plus you don’t wish to miss the wonderful variety of sides, including smoked Mac and also cheese, chilli brisket, skin-on fries as well as spicy slaw, while the Smokehouse’s signature unclean french fries are layered with smoked meat trimmings, sauce and liquid cheddar.

Baby Back Ribs. PICTURE: Supplied”Flavour is everything at Sugar Creek Smokehouse. The entire menu has actually been crafted to collect a deeper feeling of pleasure and a tastebud hit from every bite, turning an informal lunch or supper for the entire family members into something to enjoy and also really appreciate,” he said.

The location is likewise be completely licensed with beverages, including tinnies of neighborhood craft beers and spirits, readily available to complement the meaningful food selection.

The Sugar Creek Smokehouse lies next door to Zarraffa’s multi-million-dollar HQ at Eagleby, at what will quickly be house to South East Queensland’s following excellent food location– Distillery Road Market (DRM). Found midway between Brisbane and also the Gold Coast, the distinctive DRM place is anticipated to open up later this year.

Sugar Creek Smokehouse is located at 124 Distillery Road, Eagleby, as well as is open from 11am to 7pm, Thursdays through to Sundays. For additional information, browse through: scsmokehouse.com

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Places to Go on Your Gold Coast Holiday

Glass Dining Lounge Bar

There’s nothing quite as relaxing as a long glass of sea water with your best friends. Whether you’re looking for a quiet getaway or just want to share the warmth of the sun with a dear friend, a glass of wine and a relaxing game of cards is always a great time. But if you’re on the lookout for something a little more exciting to make your next holiday extra special, why not try a Glass Dining & Lounge Bar? With its unobtrusive design, the Gold Coast can be experienced as a place where you relax, rather than work. Set in the coastal suburb of Southport, this glass-bottomed bar offers plenty of space to sit back, look around and enjoy the scenery.


What is it about the Gold Coast that makes it such a popular holiday destination? Perhaps, its sandy beaches, pristine ocean water or laid back lifestyle. Or perhaps it’s the abundance of restaurants and cafes that have made it a Gold Coast tourist favourite. Whatever the reason, there are many things to do and places to go in this beautiful region. Here’s a handy guide to help you discover the Gold Coast.


Maroochyong Beach. If you’re looking for somewhere truly exotic, Maroochyong Beach is ideal. Located in the serene Pacific Ocean about 25 kilometres from Surfers Paradise, this beach is perfect for swimming, snorkelling, surfing and beachcombing. If you’re a photographer then the Jetstar Tours Company may arrange a photo opportunity with you.


Burleigh Heads. Located on the northern end of the famous Surfers Paradise Highway, Burleigh Heads is another excellent option for a relaxing drink and some sun. This is a fun place where you can enjoy the stunning Pacific Ocean views while sipping on cold coffee and watching the boats load up with tourists. There are plenty of cafes, boutiques, pubs and lounge bars here so you can easily get yourself involved in the local culture.


Broadwater Fishing Club. If you’re looking for a place to start your Gold Coast holiday, Broadwater Fishing Club is a great choice. Set against the stunning background of the crashing surf the fishing club offers an all-you-can-eat buffet, a cocktail bar and a wonderful array of freshly caught seafood. With a range of freshly caught seafood dishes on their menu you can choose your favourite kind, whether it’s grilled squid or tuna sushi and be sure to try the famous Broadwater Chips.


Surfers Paradise. If you love the sand, the sun and the sea then Surfers Paradise is perfect for you. Located on the south-east of the popular Gold Coast, Surfers Paradise features some of the most stunning beaches in Australia including Paradise Creek, Palm Beach, Nobby Beach and the famous North Head Beach. This area is home to a wide variety of accommodation as well as a large number of nightclubs that will have you dancing into the night. The Surfers Paradise Hotel is a great option for staying in Gold Coast.

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Experience the Incredible Gold Coast Nightlife

Dance Bars

You will have the most exciting and awesome platforms to express your passion for music and dance in Gold Coast City dance bars. The nightclubs like Sin-City, Platinum, and elsewhere have the best bars and exclusive dance zones. You should be an adult to visit these dance bars. You can enjoy the best quality cocktails, and spend your time dancing to the great musical tunes. There are many special events organized on specific dates. Weekends are the biggest gala times here, with lots of tourists pouring in from other parts of Australia and the rest of the world.

DJ-Music:  The most famous DJs from the Gold Coast will be here during the special occasions to celebrate with you. Reserving the entries in advance can ensure the chance to enjoy the long-lasting nights in the dance bars. You will also have to chance to choose your favourite music to be played during the DJ sessions.

Dance-Partners: Choosing the best dance partner who can match with your steps and movements could be a challenging task on the dance floors. The dance clubs on the Gold Coast offer you the unique options to choose your partners with no strings attached. You can have the best time of your life for as many nights as you desire.

Night Sea Cruising

The night sea cruising is an exciting option if you are adventurous. You may choose between cruising boats for the two of you, friends or groups. You could also opt for the shared cruises to reduce your boat hiring expenses and getting the maximum excitement.

Bar: The Pop-up bar offers you plenty of beer, champagne, wine and cocktails. You can get to taste the native craft-beers on the go while partying. The bars are compact and offer plenty of privacy. Of course, there are also group bars onboard the larger cruisers.

Cuisines: Night cruises offer you the freshest kinds of seafood right from the deep waters onto the grills and ovens. The Gold Coast Sea is filled with all kinds of species which make a thrilling combination of kinds of seafood.  You can also find veggies, meat, and pork recipes from all over the world.

Decks:  You may choose to party on the open decks or the closed lower decks, depending on your preference and space availability. Live music sessions with plenty of entertainment are the assured features of every night cruise.  

Night Tours

Most parts of the Gold Coast don’t sleep during nights. The lantern ghost tour is among the most popular options here. They take you to the best nightlife spots which you will love to experience. At the same time, these tours can also take you through the scariest places like the cemeteries. There is a lady with a lantern in her hand, guiding you through the cemetery areas. Some of the tours take you through the oldest cemeteries from the 18th century. You could choose them if you are brave enough. Of course, it will be in groups and guided by the person who knows the history of Australia and those who are resting in peace.

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Best Cuisines and Cocktails of Gold Coast Australia

Coconut Prawns

Coconut prawns with the mayonnaise curry sauce are one of the most attractive cuisines you find on the Gold Coast. You can find it in almost all the restaurants here. The chefs deep fry the prawns before garnishing them with fresh and tasty coconut. Lime, cucumber, and green pepper chillies are the best add-ons for the garnishing. Taste it with sauce and you can experience heaven on earth.  

Caramel Doughnuts

Gold Coast is famous for the caramel doughnuts that are big, beautiful, tasty and yummy in delight. Your family will love the soft and crispy feelings. You will relish the juices as you bite through the layers. It is the best experience for your taste buds if you happen to be a lover of sweets. Gold Coast is filled with hundreds of doughnut varieties which are often injected with caramel, chocolate, vanilla, strawberry and the other flavours.

Aboriginal Cuisine

Smoked Kangaroo:  it is a special cuisine of the Gold Coast. The other key ingredients are bush tomato, lemon myrtle, orange zest, spices, salt, and rosemary. You may also add puree and garnish the smoked and sliced kangaroo meat with chips. The restaurants on the Gold Coast can also prepare the cuisine in plenty of different ways.

Tomato Scones: It is a veggie made of bush tomato, milk, butter, flour, and baking powder. It is the most favoured dish for the morning breakfast with bread.

Smoked-Fish:  Sea and river fish are the best foods you can get on the Gold Coast beaches and the city zone. Modern restaurants use ovens and electric grills for smoking the fish. Then they add spices and veggies to add as garnishing elements. You can also find them dipped in sauces and puree with deep frying after smoking.

When you enter the villages around the Springbrook national park, you will get to taste the original taste of the Aboriginal cuisine. Smoking on the traditional charcoal grills adds taste and aroma to the fish.

Finger-Lime: The recipe is a combination of finger lime, oyster, spices, and veggies. The best time to taste them is with the cocktails.

Gold Coast Cocktails  

TIKI Punch is one of the most cherished cocktails on the Gold Coast. Though it is originally from Mexico, the local bars have added their own mixing techniques to make it an Australian product of the Gold Coast. You can find apple martini, colada, roulette and the other types of the Gold Coast zone.

The combination of rum, liqueur, beer, and vodka, along with gin makes the most exciting cocktail on the Gold Coast. The bars within the Surfers’ paradise and the Gold Coast City are famous for plenty of other cocktail combinations.

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Coffee is health food: Myth or fact?

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Get more nutrition in every bite

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News with Coffee

The Health Benefits of Coffee

The health Benefits of Coffee

Drinking coffee seems to have many health benefits, but what are they? First of all, let me tell you what coffee is not and what are the main health benefits of Coffee. Also, let me make clear that I am a huge fan of Coffee. Here’s why:


When you drink Coffee, there are hundreds of different compounds in your body that have different effects on you. Some are not well understood, so they aren’t included here. However, what is known is that when you consume caffeine, your brain releases a surge of neurotransmitters called dopamine. This can increase your wellbeing.


One of the health benefits of Coffee is that it reduces weight. Yes, you read that right. Not only does it reduce weight in general, but it decreases weight loss in some people. This is because when your metabolism slows down, you don’t feel as hungry. However, if your metabolism is speeding up, you will eat more calories than normal.


Another of the health benefits of Coffee is that it reduces your risk of some diseases. Some of these include diabetes, Alzheimer’s disease, Parkinson’s disease, and cancers. Coffee also reduces your risk of being overweight or obese. It contains anti-oxidants, which are necessary for good health. However, there are still many scientists researching the health benefits of Coffee. One of their latest studies found that black coffee has the same anti-oxidant effects of the acai berry.


The first of the studies published this research was a study published in the journal of Obesity. The study looked at over 800 women who had already completed a two-year diet and exercise program. The women were given either black coffee or a control drink and they followed for two years to determine if the drinks influenced their bodies weight and fat accumulation. The results showed that women who drank the black coffee had a significantly lower body fat and a lower amount of bad cholesterol than those who took the control drink.


The latest study published this month looked at the effect of caffeine on overweight and obese adults. Again, this was a large study that involved over 1000 adults who were all trying to lose weight. The researchers found that adults who drank the largest amount of caffeine were less likely to be overweight or obese. Of course, all of these findings should be studied in more detail before we start to believe all of the hype about the health benefits of Coffee. What remains is that there are many positive benefits of Coffee, but like most healthy things, we should never rely too heavily on it.…

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