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Gold Coast Attractions for Your Children

Theme Parks

Themes: Roller Coaster rides, bike races, water-sports, Sea-World museums, and multimedia games are some of the main attractions of the theme parks on the coast. Of course, you can also get plenty of delicious dishes and fruit juices to relish. The parks also host the latest children’s movies from around the world in English and plenty of other international languages.

Activities: Spending time with the cartoon characters from the times of Walt-Disney to the authentic Australian cartoon characters like the Wolverine, Felix, and ROCKO is the most entertaining activity for the kids. Besides, there are plenty of other activities like boat ride, interactive games, and painting, etc. Your kids will love to experience the thrills and excitement.

Entertainment: Watching 3-D movies on giant screens is one of the best entertainment options in these theme parks. Many of them are developing the 4-D cinema halls for kids, where they can practically feel the rains, wildlife, waterfalls, and so many other themes they see in the movies.

Sports:  Wall climbing, Go-carting, secret exploration, car-sports, and cable-skiing are some of the most thrilling games you can find for your adolescent kids. Teens can enjoy the adventure ride, knee-boarding, and kayaking within the theme parks. They are absolutely safe and secure without any risks of injury.


Learning: The Gold coast Sea Life is the best place to learn about the marine species in this region. Aquariums are large enough to accommodate sharks and large volumes of fish. Children can take guided tours to explore the details of their origin, foods and habitats, lifestyle, etc.

Discovery:  Aquariums offer a unique chance to discover their own curiosity and interest in marine life. Many of the aquariums have a hologram and 3-D projection technologies. They enhance the visual perception and understanding of the marine species in depth. It is also an exciting experience for the kids to discover the hidden secrets of the underwater landscape and the flora.

Lamington National Park

Location:  It is located in the visible range of Coomera valley. It was established in the year 1915. It is part of the Gondwana rainforests which is filled with evergreen trees and interesting wildlife. You can see the entire range of land and water species in the park’s interiors. There are plenty of options for walking tours, guided car tours, and horse rides.

Camping: The special camping areas in the park allow you to spend a considerable time of your tour in staying and enjoying the wildlife. You can get all the facilities from the best cuisines to toilets and baths, beds, and protection from the elements. There is also plenty of space around the camps for your kids to play with the other campers’ kids.

Tours: The best-suggested practice is to take the guided tour from the starting point to the exit point. It will help in saving your time and visiting the most important spots for your kids to enjoy.

Restaurants: The Park has some of the best restaurants, cafes, and snack centres which offer hygienic and delicious cuisines for your kids.

Credit to the man behind this article a certified arborist at Gold Coast Tree Lopping and a loving father to his children for sharing these attractions that once they’d enjoyed with.

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